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My Story

Spreading comfort and joy with every bun 

It started with a guilty feeling after impulsively

purchasing an expensive stand mixer. 

My name is Shelby and I am the creator of Wildrose Cinnamon Buns! In August 2019 I impulsively purchase an expensive Bosch stand mixer. My hand-me-down Sunbeam was decades old and while it had held up to numerous batches of buns, cakes, and cookies the old girl was on its way out. I knew I was in need of a replacement but my typical style is to wait for a sale, shop for a gently used one, or add it to a wish list. Not this time! And I immediately felt guilty. I figured I could sell a few batches of cinnamon buns, recoup some of the cost, and placate the guilt....but somehow forgot to stop baking buns! Apparently this is my calling and after baking several hundred batches I've made it into a business. 


I grew up on a cow/calf beef operation N of Amisk, AB and have always had an interest in the ranching operation. My siblings and I spent time after school and all summer helping with the day-to-day tasks. I recall one particularly nasty spring, trying to calve in a snowstorm, and my siblings and I skipped school to toss cold calves into the tractor bucket with us and haul them 2 miles to the warm barn. Needless to say a hard-work ethic has always been encouraged! Ranching has always been in my blood with not just my immediate family, but both sets of grandparents also owning farming/ranching operations. I even went so far as to get a degree in Agriculture, majoring in Animal Science and continue to play an active role in the family farm.  

However, Agriculture isn't my only legacy. I also grew up in a family of amazingly influential bakers. I have never tasted a more amazing pie than what my Grandma can make, my other Grandma was famous for her jellyroll and chocolate chiffon cakes, Aunts who make the most delicious buns, my Mom who can make the best dish of baked beans, and my Dad who surprises everyone with his layered pumpkin cake. I hope to be known for my cinnamon buns, and perhaps can pass down the family passion to my 3 boys and 1 daughter. 

Decadent, handmade cinnamon buns in a variety of regular and seasonal flavours, evoking nostalgia with their yeasty, gooey goodness!

My mission is to offer the best handmade cinnamon buns that are not only a delicious treat but spread joy by evoking comforting memories of the wonderful bakers in your family! If thoughts of your Grandma pop in your mind while enjoying my cinnamon buns then my goal has been achieved.

Ready to try some yeasty goodness?!


 Brenna Page Photography

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